LINBIT SDS For Kubernetes Is Fast & Reliable

LINBIT SDS for Kubernetes

In July 2018, LINBIT® announced the general availability of LINBIT SDS for Kubernetes. It included container-native persistent block storage for stateful applications and support for

The Open Source OpenSDS Project Welcomes LINBIT

OpenSDS Project

The OpenSDS Project is an open-source community addressing software-defined storage integration challenges. The aim is to drive enterprise adoption of open standards. Open-source technology is our primary

RDMA Performance

RDMA Performance

As promised in the previous RDMA post, we gathered some performance data for the RDMA transport. Read and enjoy! Basic Hardware Information The Software We

Raspberry Tau: Pi Cluster

Raspberry Tau

Raspberry Tau: a Pi cluster. The Raspberry PI is a small ARM computer (hardware specifications in wiki, outline and FAQs). Of course, you can build

Mirrored SAN vs DRBD


We sometimes get asked, “Why not simply use a mirrored SAN instead of DRBD®”? This post shows some crucial differences between mirrored SAN and DRBD.