About the Webinar-Series

The LINBIT Red Hat StorageDay is our way to share our knowledge with the open-source and storage community. We want to give you a thorough understanding of combining LINBIT’s software-defined storage solution with Red Hat’s OpenShift containerization platform.

Audience Benefits:

Schedule: April 20th

Tech Intro to OpenShift


Taylor Smith (Red Hat)

Brian Hellman (LINBIT)

3pm CET
OpenShift + LINBIT SDS


Moritz Wanzenböck (LINBIT)

Taylor Smith (Red Hat)

4pm CET


Yusuf Yildiz (LINBIT)

Florian Schwanzara (IBM LinuxONE)

5pm CET

Our Speakers

Taylor Smith

Engineering Partner Manager

Taylor Smith is an Engineering Partner Manager at Red Hat working in North Carolina in the US. She works closely with Red Hat technology partners to engage Red Hat engineering teams and product business units, including OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Taylor has two Bachelor’s Degrees in Software Development and Religious Studies, and she has a wide-ranging and varied work background that led to her position in Red Hat’s Partner Ecosystem organization.


Florian Schwanzara

Partner Solution Architect

Florian Schwanzara is a Enterprise IT Architect in Germany. He has more than 20 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure field. His background in hardware, software an the financial industry has lead to his current roles as leading architect for Fin-Tecs in DACH. His areas of expertise include secure infrastructure, blockchain, digital asset custody, confidential computing and Zero Trust Architecture.


Brian Hellman



Bio: Brian Hellman is the COO of LINBIT and one of the co-founders of the US team. A self-proclaimed (but also by definition) nerd in general, he is happiest with and around anything open source. His love for the open source community started in 1998 with RH5, and continued to grow throughout the years. In his free time, he lives for his family, his Harley, participating in the Masonic lodge and tinkering around with computers. Though, if you ask his team members, they will say he is pretty good at being a “Mr. Fix It” as well


Yusuf Yildiz

Solution Architect

LINBIT HA-Solutions GmbH 

Bio: Yusuf Yildiz is a Solutions Architect at LINBIT with extensive, hands-on experience. Based on his experience in the field, he is able to find the most  suitable solutions for both companies and individuals. He also works as part of the technical steering committee and in the architectural work group within the SODA Foundation, a subsidiary of the Linux Foundation.


Moritz Wanzenböck

Software Engineer

LINBIT HA-Solutions GmbH

Bio: Moritz Wanzenböck is a software engineer interested in the inner workings of cloud infrastructure and automation. After years of working with storage solutions as a user, Moritz switched sides in 2020 to work on software defined storage solutions at LINBIT. He is a maintainer of the Piraeus project, always on the lookout to automate more features.


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Technology Insights

With LINBIT SDS as the only underlying Open Source storage solution to OpenShift you get an easily deployed container-native SDS solution, delivering simultaneously unprecedented speed and reliability.

Fastest Persistent Storage

Simplify Container Orchestration

Lower your TCO

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