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behind the scenes

DRBD Reactor Promoter

DRBD Reactor – Promoter

In this blog post, we discuss the Promoter plugin. For a more general introduction to ‘drbd-reactor,’ please read the overview blog post first. Motivation With

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20 Years of LINBIT

Block Storage and Open Source Developments since Nov 2001 In November 2021, we celebrated 20 years of LINBIT, and we wanted to take the opportunity

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WinDRBD 1.0.0

LINBIT launches WinDRBD 1.0.0

After almost 5 years in the making, LINBIT announces the official launch of WinDRBD 1.0.0. Vienna 8th of February 2022: LINBIT, the company behind the

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LINSTOR – an orchestrator for Linux block storage, used to be a command-line only tool. Not anymore! In 2021, we released LINSTOR Web UI, based

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DRBD Reactor Prometheus

DRBD Reactor – Prometheus

This blog post discusses the ‘Prometheus’ plugin, which implements a compatible metrics endpoint. But, first, for a more general introduction to ‘drbd-reactor,’ please read

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File vs. Block vs. Object Storage

Storage systems are almost unquestionably the most critical component of larger IT systems. Without storage systems operating normally, websites could serve outdated information, customers and

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