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About the event

The LINBIT OpenNebula TechDays is our attempt to share our knowledge with the open-source and storage community. We want to give you a thorough understanding of combining LINBIT’s software-defined storage solution with OpenNebula’s cloud.

Content will include the main features, open architecture, storage capabilities, native integration & symbiotic benefits – and will be presented in form of webinars, demos and a live Q&A session.

On a technical Level

With LINBIT SDS as the only underlying Open Source storage solution to the OpenNebula cloud you get an easily deployed container-native SDS solution, delivering simultaneously unprecedented speed and reliability.

Schedule: 20-21 April

All recorded webinars are openly accessible, the webinar slides can be downloaded below.

Tuesday - 20. April

DEMO: Linstor & DRBD

  • Tuesday, Apr 20 5 PM CET / 8 AM PT

Technical demo of LINBIT SDS’ software components LINSTOR – providing Volume and configuration management – and DRBD – delivering a fast and reliable data replication.

OpenNebula + LINBIT SDS

  • Tuesday, Apr 20 6 PM CET / 9 AM PT

    Dive into the technical and commercial aspects of our flexible LINBIT SDS platform with its native integration to the OpenNebula cloud.

Supermicro - Economical HW Solution

  • Tuesday, Apr 20 7 PM CET / 10 AM PT

    Learn more about how to combine your LINBIT SDS + OpenNebula set-up with the economic Supermicro Hardware.

Wednesday - 21. April

OpenNebula 6.0

  • Wednesday, Apr 21 5 PM CET / 8 AM PT

    Explore the latest OpenNebula 6.0 version - packed with new features and capabilities to transform the cloud and edge computing space.

Customer Success ProcoliX

  • Wednesday, Apr 21 6 PM CET / 9 AM PT

    Hear directly from Procolix about their experience after migrating their business-critical cloud infrastructure to a solution based on OpenNebula and LINBIT SDS.

Developers Q&A

  • Wednesday, Apr 21 7 PM CET / 10 AM PT

Ask our developers all of your tech questions via a live Q&A session.

Tune in to find out what LINBIT  and OpenNebula are currently working on and what features are about to come.

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“OpenNebula over LINBIT SDS enables a fully hyper-converged cloud with state-of-the-art orchestration and storage features, using OSS components exclusively. “The integration couldn’t be more natural – they are a perfect fit.”
Tino Vázquez
OpenNebula Lead Cloud Engineer

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