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LINBIT Announces Open-Source Persistent Block Storage for Kubernetes

LINBIT SDS supports MariaDB and can create, remove, snapshot, and replicate Kubernetes storage volumes for Enterprise and Database Applications.

Beaverton, OR, July 26, 2018, LINBIT, the de facto standard in open source High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), Software-Defined Storage (SDS), and the force behind the renowned DRBD® open-source software, today announced the general availability of LINBIT SDS for Kubernetes, which includes container-native persistent block storage for stateful applications and support for the MariaDB database. LINBIT SDS is an open-source storage management solution that relies on LINSTOR, a feature-rich volume and configuration management software, and DRBD, the robust in-kernel data replication software. LINSTOR takes advantage of DRBD, a part of the Linux kernel for nearly a decade, to deliver fast and reliable data replication.

Kubernetes is the industry’s most popular container orchestration tool in scale-out, elastic, or cloud environments. MariaDB is a leading open source relational database management system that is used by many enterprise customers. Kubernetes users can now easily run database applications inside containers, relying on fast Linux block storage for application performance, data resilience, and service availability. “For IT organizations and engineering teams using Kubernetes, LINBIT SDS is a great way to save time and money,” said Brian Hellman COO of LINBIT. “Before considering proprietary vendors, take a look at what your Operating System can do natively.”

LINBIT SDS provides a host of capabilities to manage persistent block storage for Kubernetes environments. It supports logical volume management (LVM) snapshots, which enhance application availability while minimizing data loss; thin provisioning, which improves efficient resource utilization in virtualized environments; and configuration management, which simplifies tasks such as adding, removing, or replicating storage volumes. View the LINBIT video that demonstrates using Kubernetes to deploy LINSTOR provisioned persistent volume for MySQL deployments.

LINBIT is the force behind DRBD and the de facto open standard for High Availability (HA) software for enterprise and cloud computing. The LINBIT DRBD software is deployed in millions of mission-critical environments worldwide to provide High Availability (HA), Geo Clustering for Disaster Recovery (DR), and Software Defined Storage (SDS) for OpenStack and OpenNebula based clouds.

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