DRBD®️ Proxy provides two significant advantages: data compression and cache operations. The biggest issues for disaster recovery solutions occur when the connection between the two locations is cut off or there’s a low connection quality.

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DRBD® Proxy basically provides 2 advantages. Data compression and cache operations. The biggest problem for disaster recovery solutions is that the connection between the two locations is cut off or the quality is low. In order to overcome these problems, we launched our DRBD Proxy product, which can work fully integrated with DRBD.

DRBD Proxy creates a buffer area between the two locations, allowing your data to be transferred smoothly in case of disconnection.

It also supports all compression standards in the industry, allowing you to carry a lot of data with less bandwidth, thus reducing your costs.

Industry Standard Compression

Caching Mechanism

Perfect Integration with DRBD


Technical Information

Off-site protection

Whether for regulatory compliance or peace of mind, an off-site replica of your data is designed to protect your important information during critical site outages, natural disasters, and other unfortunate circumstances. As a crucial part of your business continuity plan, LINBIT is dedicated to keeping your services applications up and running during even the most critical failures.

Common use cases

  • Real time replica in Amazon AWS
  • Connecting 2 or more company campuses
  • Moving offices without downtime
  • Off-site replicas for users in disaster prone areas
  • Hosting providers who’s customers need a DR feature

Peace of mind

Unlike many proprietary vendors who make you purchase an expensive black box with licensed hardware and software and charge per machine Socket or per Gigabyte transferred, DRBD Proxy’s costs are per host/node. This makes Enterprise Level Disaster Recovery affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Near real-time replication

DRBD Proxy mitigates bandwidth, latency, and distance issues by buffering writes into memory ensuring that your WAN latency doesn’t become your disk throughput. Data is transferred as fast as your link can handle. Your organization can ensure Synchronous High Availability locally and Asynchronous Disaster Recovery replication off-site by using DRBD and DRBD Proxy together.

Cutting edge compression

To further mitigate bandwidth, latency, and distance constraints, DRBD Proxy includes native LZMA and LZ4 data compression options. For users looking to replicate an extensive amount of data using minimal CPU, LINBIT has partnered with AHA data compression hardware to minimize the CPU usage during data compression. For more information view our Technical Guide or contact us.

Not a backup

Our products are not backup solutions, they are real time replication solutions. We still recommend a sound snapshot technology is used along side our products. Real-time replication solutions like ours allow for minimal interruption during disasters.






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