LINBIT SDS vs the Cloud Native Competition

Find the Best Solution for Your Business by Comparing LINBIT SDS with Other Leading Market Software.


When choosing a software-defined storage solution, there are several factors to consider. It’s not about one solution being better than another. Instead, it’s about finding the best solution for your business.


LINBIT's solution offers high-performance synchronous replication, which makes it a good choice for mission-critical applications. However, other high-performing solutions may be more appropriate for bare-metal Kubernetes.


Scalable solutions are a good choice for large-scale deployments as they ensure consistency and long-term savings as your business grows. LINBIT's solution is highly scalable and able to meet the needs of enterprise-level deployments.

Ease of use

Software that's difficult to use can lead to confusion, errors, and frustration, negatively impacting productivity and morale. LINBIT's solution requires relatively little technical expertise to set up and configure.


LINBIT's solution is open source and free to use without compromising performance and reliability, with reasonable support fees. However, some of the competition isn't open source, requiring licensing fees and costly support contracts.

Feature Comparison

Take a closer look at our comparison table below to see how LINBIT stacks up against the competition.

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Product Name
Pricing Model
P.A.Y. grow
Comm. license
P.A.Y. grow
k8s only
k8s only
k8s only
k8s only
Open Source
Block Storage
File Storage
Object Storage
Data Locality

LINBIT SDS* includes DRBD Kernel Driver, LINSTOR Volume Manager, GUI Web Interface, and 24/7 Expert Support.

Common Features: High Availability, GUI, Storage Aggregation, Hyperconverged Support, Containerized Deployment, Synchronous Replication, Snapshots and Clones, Prometheus Integration, Data Encryption, Volume Consistency Groups

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How LINBIT Compares to:

Though both are open source software, LINBIT SDS offers high-performance and low-latency software-defined block storage with replication, which is a lightweight and less complex solution. While Ceph has its own mechanisms to distribute datasets across the cluster and supports file, object, and block storage in a single solution, this is much more complicated and resource-intensive, increasing latency and decreasing performance. We have written a comparison piece on the two solutions on our blog.

Though LINBIT SDS and Portworx provide enterprise-grade persistent storage to Kubernetes, LINBIT SDS is open source with a lower TCO. We work closely with users to continually improve our software based on the contributions of the open source community. While Portworx is a storage solution developed specifically for Kubernetes, LINBIT SDS works within and without Kubernetes, on bare metal, or integrated with many cloud platforms.

On the surface, StorPool and LINBIT provide similar offerings, supporting many different platforms. However, LINBIT SDS is open source, fully transparent, and without vendor lock-in. Furthermore, LINBIT SDS supports Windows and is wire-compatible with the Linux version. On the other hand, StorPool is proprietary software and does not support Windows natively.

Both are open source data replication solutions. LINBIT SDS gives you native performance without overhead while supporting many different platforms. Like Portworx, OpenEBS is designed explicitly for the Kubernetes ecosystem, adding a microservice layer to manage data that relies on Kubernetes orchestration.

Key Features

Our software is designed with a variety of features that are geared towards helping you achieve your goals. Some of the key features include:

Key Benefits

By choosing our software, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of benefits, such as:

Certified Rating

LINBIT DRBD kernel module


High Performance Software-Defined Block Storage for container, cloud and virtualisation


Ratings and Reviews

LINBIT’s DRBD software has received high ratings from users and industry experts. Here are some comments from satisfied users:

Organisations combining LINBIT SDS with our OpenFlex offering gain more capacity and lower latency, Linux OS features and composable hardware so that they have the confidence they need in their Kubernetes environments.
Manfred Berger
Sr. Business Dev. Data Center Systems
Western Digital
At first, WEDOS set up our own storage architecture, but then found out there was a better answer to our problems. LINSTOR, ThinLVM, and DRBD are now the holy trinity of our current storage solution. LINBIT’s solutions saved and stabilized our situation with industrial standard hardware.
Josef Grill
CEO of Wedos Internet

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