Tailored fit for any business: IBM LinuxONE & LINBIT SDS

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven accelerated workload growth on all platforms, and the global industry is booming. Business owners are facing new challenges with the increasing demand from consumer and market trends, and here are some reasons that have led them to switch to new era infrastructures:

  • Changing consumer needs
  • The need to reduce TCO
  • Avoiding problems during infrastructure growth
  • Compliance requirements
  • The need for integration into new container architectures


The cooperation between IBM LinuxONE and LINBIT SDS helps businesses meet all these needs and more.

IBM LinuxONE & LINBIT SDS Integration

We are rapidly moving further from the machine-defined world to an application-defined world. Unfortunately, traditional storage architectures are incapable of providing the infrastructure that this new world needs. Instead, you need storage optimized for the application-centric world of OpenShift and Kubernetes while delivering the same performance, reliability, and security as legacy storage. That’s what LINBIT SDS and IBM LinuxONE provide.

Integration is simple, too. The wide range of hardware of the IBM LinuxONE platform is presented with care to meet all needs, whether a startup or a large institution. LINBIT SDS, on the other hand, integrates all the advantages of the SDS platform into these state-of-the-art machines. IBM handles the hardware and management, while LINBIT does all the software. The 1+1=3 rule becomes a reality with this collaboration.

Benefits of the Integration

IBM LinuxONE is faster than x86 competitors up to 6x – 12x. LINSTOR, on the other hand, is quicker than its competitors up to 7x. These two can provide you with improved performance on your application for sure. In addition, the solution can provide up to 44% lower TCO than x86 alternatives while providing resiliency and data insurance. Virtually zero downtime and fast DR keep your business efficient and operational.

We all know the pains of buying upfront and using less while growing your business. That’s why the solution gives you the flexibility to customize solutions to fit your business needs: pay-as-you-go pricing and flexible deployment options spanning on-prem, private cloud, and SaaS.

When you encrypt data at rest on LINBIT SDS, it gives you volumes with encryption keys stored in the highest certified level for tamper-proof hardware. LinuxONE can reduce your storage costs and help you overcome performance problems with the tiering mechanism. Also, with the help of the comprehensive range of API/Driver support, LINBIT SDS and LinuxONE perfectly integrate into many orchestrators and can be used for OpenShift Storage.

Last but not least, businesses that need disaster recovery plans for critical applications and services can integrate seamlessly for many DR plans.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultimate uptime – Downtime is virtually eliminated.
  • Mainframe-grade processors on a Linux Platform – Consolidate hundreds of x86 cores onto a single platform while staying on the Linux flavor of your choice.
  • Hardware Data Compression – Accelerating performance and reducing storage requirements.
  • Data Security – Pervasive encryption means applications and data all in one end-to-end, “everywhere-encrypted” system.
  • Integration – Integrate seamlessly into your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • Scalability – Expand and grow seamlessly.
  • Cost – Substantially reduce application licensing costs by running on fewer, more powerful, and efficient cores.


Soon, the thought of storing data on legacy storage may seem outlandish. However, IBM and LINBIT are visionaries and leaders of their platform, joining forces for this highly available mainframe storage.

The joint solution can be an efficient platform for consolidating x86 platforms, simplifying DC day2 operations, and controlling costs. It adds security, flexibility, and better storage management with LINBIT SDS while preserving the simplicity of Linux.

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