Software-Defined Storage Solutions

LINBIT SDS is a comprehensive storage solution tailored for private cloud infrastructure. It includes the DRBD Kernel Driver, LINSTOR Volume Manager, an intuitive GUI that simplifies multi-cluster management, and 24/7 support.

LINBIT SDS Components

Kernel Driver

Volume Manager

Graphic User Interface

Linbit Expert 24/7 Support

Solution Use Cases



Multi-Cloud Storage

Storage Gateway

How It Works

LINBIT SDS combines LINSTOR and DRBD open source software to provide high availability, scalability, and storage cluster management. DRBD offers efficient replication for high availability, especially for small-write-intensive workloads like databases and messaging queues.

LINSTOR, the SDS component, allows for abstracting physical storage, creating logical storage groupings, and deploying a large number of storage volumes easily. It seamlessly works with DRBD-enabled devices, facilitating automatic storage volume deployment to meet replication and node placement requirements.

A LINSTOR cluster consists of a management plane with controller and satellite services and a data plane with storage layers like DRBD. The controller handles storage configurations, while satellite services manage block storage within host systems.

The separate management and data planes enable satellite nodes to provide provisioned storage independently, even when the controller or satellite services are not running during updates or maintenance.

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Latest LINBIT SDS Feature: GUI

The Graphical User Interface simplifies multi-cluster management and complex monitoring so your team can just go back to enjoying the power of Kubernetes persistent storage. Easy to install, easy to use.


  • Storage pool dashboard with per node usage
  • Built-in alerts and monitoring
  • Simple Navigation system



Underlying Hardware Options

x86_64 (Intel/AMD)



s390x (LinuxOne)


Public Cloud Storage


Technical FAQ

How does LINBIT SDS replicate data without breaking the consistency?

Yes. LINBIT has an RDMA (verbs) API. The DRBD software works over Infiniband, RoCE, or iWarp to overcome the performance limitations of TCP/IP.

Does LINBIT SDS architecture support multiple performance classes?

LINBIT SDS is perfectly suited for database workloads and structured data. We’ve reached up to 400,000+ IOPS for a single volume.

What platforms are supported?

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Oracle Linux 6.3+
    (RHEL Compatible or UEK)
  • Ubuntu Server Edition

Find out more on our Support Page.

LINBIT SDS Support Subscriptions

Below are our subscription tiers with up to 24/7 global support services. The LINBIT engineers are perfectly trained to help your team design, deploy, and support your infrastructure. Find our open source software here

LINBIT Starter

Includes access to our certified repositories and Community non-SLA support.


Offers the addition of unlimited support tickets and remote installation support.


Offers 24/7 access to our expert support with our fastest turnaround times.

Your open source project is mission-critical so our team is here to help. We begin most relationships with a technical consultation. Reach out to LINBIT with your questions and project goals to begin today!

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