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Tied into Open Source

LINBIT is a company with roots firmly in the open-source community. Established organizations and businesses worldwide integrated our open-source storage software – DBRD and LINSTOR – into their storage infrastructure. 

The significance of being an open-source software provider far exceeds what we offer to the client. ‘Open source’ stands for something more. It’s about community, transparency, and trust. 

It’s upon these core principles of the industry that we’ve built our company’s core values: 


As a developer-driven company, we breathe the spirit of discovery: whether it’s searching for new features, challenging bugs, solving code puzzles or integrating technologies. Working in open-source is a journey of discovery and we are glad to contribute to it.


As ambitious as we are, we have retained a deep sense of honesty and appreciation. We believe this is essential in our work and collaboration with people. We are grateful to work with a product that supports the digital world.


We love what we do, pursuing our goals with passion. Every individual moves forward with a strong will to succeed, never content with acceptable and constantly pushing for exceptional.


By delivering on our promises, we have built an enormous amount of trust in ourselves, each other, and the broader open-source community. In addition, we trust the value of our products.


Be reliable, stick to your word, and take ownership. Being reliable takes active accountability, a constant watch on the tasks you’re responsible for, and respect for those who depend on you.


The community is everything. By bringing together unique knowledge, experience, and cultures, the unit becomes something more robust than we could be alone. Everyone thrives together.


Our greatest asset is teamwork. We are constantly and actively implementing better processes to improve how we work together and with our partners and clients.  

Working together at a technical-driven company like LINBIT is about finding long-term solutions, especially when it comes to bug-fixing. Trusted results are infinitely more critical than rushed repairs. 

Our CEO, predominantly a Developer and Tinkerer, is a testament to our steady-easy work culture. Our company is not solely focused on goals but our community values and culture, similar to how the open-source community functions. 

LINBIT is about meritocracy, trust, passion, empathy, respect, and teamwork. These values are central to working well with one another, and they guide how we interact with the greater open-source community. 

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