The Next Generation's
High Performance Storage

LINBIT builds upon 20 years of experience developing and supporting production storage while integrating modern best practices from the community.

IBM has been putting various flavors of Linux on its mainframe computers for over 20 years. IBM and LINBIT teamed up to build the most refined production storage running on the IBM LinuxONE Platform.

Enterprise Kubernetes with OpenShift is fully supported by the IBM LinuxONE and LINBIT SDS through OpenShift CSI driver. 

Key Benefits

Architecture Overview

1. Integration:

2. CLI / APIs / Drivers:

3. LINSTOR Controller:

4. LINSTOR Satellites:

Learn about the LinuxONE systems

IBM LinuxONE systems are designed to deliver the trust, efficiency and performance that can differentiate you in a wolrd standards.

IBM LinuxONE single-frame
The new air-cooled, single-frame system extends next-level data privacy, security and resiliency to any hybrid cloud and is designed for businesses of all sizes.

IBM LinuxONE multi-frame
The multi-frame system brings innovative data privacy, security and resiliency to any hybrid cloud – and offers enterprise-level scalability.

Solution Features

Reliable Storage with Replication

Multi - Tier Storage

Separation of data & control plane

Interoperability between legacy & modern devices

Integrated with most of the operators

Faster response & deployment time



High Performance

Lower TCO

Scale Out

24 x 365 Support

Secure & Compliance

Storage Features

Thin Provisioning
Encryption at rest