Home Assistant High Availability

So, you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of home automation. You’ve been getting deeper and deeper into Home Assistant and its ecosystem. You are configuring new IoT

Encrypted Replication With DRBD

With the arrival of DRBD® 9.2.6, replication traffic can now be encrypted by the Linux kernel. DRBD is now able to use in-kernel TLS acceleration

How to Setup LINSTOR on Proxmox VE

Authors: Ryan Ronnander & Roland Kammerer — In this technical blog post, we show you how to integrate LINSTOR® with Proxmox VE using a storage

Upgrading DRBD Has Never Been Easier

As DRBD® development continues to move forward with the new and exciting 9.2.0 release, it has never been easier to upgrade to the latest version of

Highly Available GitLab with DRBD

A Common Gitlab Deployment Scenario GitLab is an open DevOps platform used by many companies and organizations both small and large. While GitLab has a