Multi-AZ Replication Using Automatic Placement Rules in LINSTOR

Multi-AZ Replication

Multi-AZ Replication Are you looking to leverage multiple availability zones in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure? LINSTOR can easily manage your block storage and automatically replicate your data between availability zones (AZs). This post explores multi-AZ replication using automatic placement rules in LINSTOR. In this blog, we will take advantage of LINSTOR’s lesser-known […]

Highly Available GitLab with DRBD

A Common Gitlab Deployment Scenario GitLab is an open DevOps platform used by many companies and organizations both small and large. While GitLab has a cloud based SaaS offering, it is often deployed and hosted on-premise using self-managed GitLab instances. Let us focus on a simple, yet common GitLab deployment scenario. Consider a small to […]