Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Unlock seamless data orchestration with LINBIT Playbooks. Elevate your infrastructure game in an automated plug & play way – from installation to failovers​. Streamline complexity with our expert-guided playbooks. 

HA for NFS

We recognize that NFS isn't a new technology without flaws. However, we've been in this business for over 20 years, and building highly available NFS systems is something we excel at. We've integrated cutting-edge automation into our HA NFS, streamlining processes and minimizing manual intervention. This reduces the risk of human error and guarantees faster response times.

HA for Databases

Whether it's an enterprise database or a standard database workload, we've got you covered. Instead of relying on database replication, which can be slow and come with drawbacks, we offer block replication within a highly available system. From installation to failover, everything is fully automated. The best part? You don't compromise the performance of local drives!

HA for Kubernetes

Experience has shown that the creation of an Operator typically starts by automating an application's installation and self-service provisioning capabilities; it then evolves to take on more complex automation. This definition approximately sums up the HA storage for Kubernetes from LINBIT. HA for Kubernetes automates practically everything you need to do manually in your infrastructure.

How it works

1. Choose Package
Choose what you need from our fully automated installation packages.
2. Purchase
Purchase the relevant package on our website, which also initiates your support subscription.
3. Follow documentation
You'll receive detailed documentation outlining the required infrastructure to get started. Within this document, you'll find:
  • The required operating system version
  • Minimum hardware requirements, including networking and storage specifics.
  • 4. Install HA System
    After setting up the hardware and operating system as directed, use the playbook we provide to install the HA system into your infrastructure with ease.

    That's it! No more sifting through lengthy documents or trying to decipher technical jargon.

    And if you’d rather not handle it yourself, our top engineers are always available to assist you.



    “DRBD® has already proved a highly effective solution in continuous operation for around 50 customers, and support agreements with LINBIT guarantee firsthand advice. In modern warehouses, turn-over of merchandise becomes increasingly faster, and most clients nowadays expect just-in-time delivery.”


    “We opted for DRBD® as a cost-efficient Open Source solution in the field of High Availability clusters. DRBD® ideally supports our IT design, ensuring easy configuration and quick implementation. In contrast to commercial cluster solutions, we could do without expensive storage hardware for our application servers.”


    “I chose LINBIT because of the ease with which LINBIT worked with me in developing a demo prototype. During implementation, the LINBIT team demonstrated exceptional technical expertise and consistently went above and beyond.”


    Take advantage of our streamlined and fully automated package to swiftly set up your HA system infrastructure now.




    Per Year/ Per Cluster

    • Automated HA installation
    • 3-node HA Setup
    • Automated upgrades
    • Repository Access
    • 24/7 Support Team
    • 1 hour emergency response time
    • 10 Support Tickets per Year
    • Exclusive access to documentation



    Talk to one of our solution architects and account managers to set up an architecture beyond the automated Ansible playbook.