Building Next-Generation IaaS

October 10th, 4-7 PM CET / 7-10 AM PDT

About The LINBIT Storage Day
- A webinar series ft. shapeblue & ampere

The LINBIT CloudStack Storage Day is our way to share our knowledge with the open-source and storage community. In these Webinars we want to give you a thorough understanding of how to build IaaS clouds – by combining LINBIT’s software-defined storage solution with Apache CloudStack and Ampere Altra Max.

With LINBIT SDS as the only underlying Open Source storage solution to Apache CloudStack you get an easily deployed container-native SDS solution, delivering simultaneously unprecedented speed and reliability. The benchmark results for using LINBIT SDS together with Ampere Altra Max have cumulated in an impressive record of 25m IOPS for Random 4KB Read.

Technology Insights

LINBIT SDS is deeply integrated with Apache Cloudstack. It has a native driver in the OS which provides block devices to the KVM. The Cloudstack integration helps administrators to manage storage functions like snapshots, migration with the API. The LINSTOR® system consists of multiple server and client components:

Webinar Schedule: October 10, 2023

Updates to Apache CloudStack & LINBIT SDS

Latest Features

Giles Siret (ShapeBlue)
Philipp Reisner (LINBIT)

4:00 PM CET / 7:00 AM PDT
CloudStack & LINBIT SDS Integration


Andrija Panić ​(ShapeBlue)
Rene Peinthor (LINBIT)

5:00 PM CET / 8:00 AM PDT
Ampere + LINBIT SDS + CloudStack

Benchmarking & Panel Discussion

Giles Siret (ShapeBlue)
Philipp Reisner (LINBIT)
Peter Pouliot (Ampere)

6:00 PM CET / 9:00 AM PDT

Our Speakers

Giles Siret


Andrija Panić

Cloud Architect

Peter Pouliot

Sr. Developer Advocate

Christian Helmholz

Product Marketing

Rene Peinthor

LINSTOR Developer

Philipp Reisner


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