Scale Your Cloud Storage

with Apache CloudStack and LINBIT SDS

Flexibly manage block storage for your cloud with the LINBIT SDS CloudStack integration. Simplify VM storage provisioning and high availability.

Why Integrate LINBIT SDS in Apache CloudStack

Organizations face challenges to improve access to both structured and unstructured data while reducing data storage costs. Open source SDS and cloud orchestration address these challenges by abstracting services away from hardware. However, this creates new challenges for accessing data within these abstractions. LINBIT SDS helps organizations overcome these challenges by using familiar block storage and related technologies to transparently offer storage within SDS and cloud contexts in an understandable and customizable way.

Integrating LINBIT SDS with Apache CloudStack creates an ideal environment for cloud providers, hosting companies, organizations in the financial sector, and ISPs. Application focused operations need performance, simplicity, and flexibility from a storage system. LINBIT SDS and its enterprise support provide this, while offering resiliency for data that applications and workloads depend on.

Use Cases

CloudStack and LINBIT SDS (LINSTOR and DRBD) are powerful tools for building private cloud deployments. Here are a few examples of how they can be used together:

Use Case 1

Hosting Web Applications with Persistent Storage Needs

Use CloudStack and LINSTOR together to build and host performance oriented web applications. Use CloudStack to spin up VMs while LINSTOR dynamically provisions the necessary storage. Live migrate VMs with no downtime as a side effect.

Use Case 2

Disaster Recovery (DR) with Multi-Site Capabilities

CloudStack and LINSTOR support DR architectures by using CloudStack’s concept of zones and regions, LINSTOR’s snapshot shipping feature, and DRBD’s asynchronous replication protocol.

Use Case 3

High-Performance Computing (HPC) Platforms

CloudStack and LINSTOR combine to create highly available and reliable HPC platforms capable of servicing CPU and I/O intensive workloads, such as databases used in analytics, forecasting, simulation, and modeling.

World Class Enterprise Support

Get support from the creators, maintainers, and experts in LINBIT SDS solutions.

Business Benefits

Scale With IaaS Cloud Computing

Utilize the highly available, highly scalable CloudStack cloud computing.

High Availability

Minimize downtime by using LINSTOR and DRBD to ensure continuous and synchronous data replication.

Rock Solid Replication & Cluster Management

Build resilient applications with DRBD and LINSTOR's battle-proven replication.

Low TCO with High Performance

LINBIT's software cuts costs and boosts performance without sacrificing features.

Apache CloudStack & LINSTOR Architecture

LINBIT SDS is deeply integrated with Apache CloudStack. The LINSTOR storage plugin is bundled within the official CloudStack packages. This integration enables automatic provisioning, monitoring, and scaling of storage resources, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for cloud-based applications.

The LINSTOR system consists of multiple server and client components:

  • A LINSTOR controller manages the configuration of the LINSTOR cluster and all of its managed storage resources.
  • The LINSTOR satellite component manages the creation, modification, and deletion of storage resources on each node that provides or uses storage resources managed by LINSTOR.
  • All communication between LINSTOR components uses TCP/IP and can be secured using SSL/TLS.
  • You can configure data replication traffic to use either TCP/IP or RDMA.
  • The integration with Apache CloudStack allows users to manage all resource actions within the stack. Optionally, by using a command line utility or a GUI, you can directly manage the storage system and the LINSTOR controller. 
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Deployment Architectures


Direct attached storage in an HCI architecture provides great performance while also enabling HA using DRBD's synchronous replication.

Disaggregated Storage

Separate your storage from compute to scale each individually. The DRBD kernel module and LINSTOR satellite process will bridge compute to storage over the network using DRBD's client mode.

Storage Virtualization

Deploy LINBIT SDS as a virtual appliance within the hypervisor cluster, and share the now HA storage back out as NFS, iSCSI, or NVMe-oF network attached storage.

Scale your Cloud Storage

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Deep dive into LINSTOR's architecture and functionalities.