DRBD Starter

The greatness of open source is its flexibility. You can still do everything on your own but with some convenient features from us to make your journey easier. We are now introducing DRBD Starter, our first entry subscription to access LINBIT customer repository packages and DRBD updates to jumpstart your business.

Linux HA Storage System

DRBD® software is a distributed replicated storage system for the Linux platform. It is implemented as a kernel driver, several userspace management applications, and some shell scripts. 

DRBD is traditionally used in high availability (HA) computer clusters, but beginning with DRBD version 9, it can also be used to create larger software defined storage pools with a focus on cloud integration.

DRBD Starter Use Cases


File Servers

Storage Targets

Application Stacks

get access to

DRBD Repository Packages

Don’t waste time searching through public repositories or building the latest DRBD packages and utilities from GitHub source code. DRBD Starter grants you access to LINBIT’s officially signed and certified package repositories.

DRBD Updates

Keep your system up-to-date without wasting time compiling or packaging matching kernel modules. With the DRBD Starter Package, installing DRBD updates is as simple as entering a package manager update and upgrade command.

Knowledge Base Access

The knowledge base is designed to give Linux IT administrators the basic understanding of high availability (HA) and software-defined storage (SDS) setups using DRBD. Prerequisites for this include the ability to use Bash and familiarity with basic Linux commands.

Community Support

The main difference between LINBIT HA and DRBD Starter is the level of support. DRBD Starter provides cost-effective community support from LINBIT’s Slack tech community – monitored by our developers. If you later decide you want our developers’ full attention 24/7, you can upgrade to LINBIT HA anytime.


DRBD Starter, 1 Year

2 nodes: $1000.00

By completing payment, you agree to allow your credit card to be charged the amount indicated above for access to LINBIT certified binaries.

Price includes repository access to DRBD direct from LINBIT for up to two nodes. Repository access for additional nodes is available at an extra cost. Support is not included. For information about supported plans, refer to LINBIT HA, which includes enterprise-level, around-the-clock support.

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