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LINBIT speeds up high availability at a large scale. A testament to this is our world record achieved in February 2020, where we reached the highest storage performance achieved by a hyper-converged system on the market. LINBIT’s OSS based on DRBD® and LINSTOR® can be used for Kubernetes, OpenStack, OpenNebula, and more.



We provide reliable, high-performing, and highly available Enterprise storage. In other words, we give your business peace of mind.

Disaster Recovery

Our Enterprise-grade business continuity solutions mirror your critical data in real-time and across any distance.

Software-Defined Storage

Scale-out your block storage with Enterprise cluster-wide volume management, in addition to a variety of LINBIT solutions.

Custom Integration

We partner with you to integrate our software in inventive ways that align with your business, improving your operations and capabilities.

Speed Up Your Storage

LINBIT’s® mission is to keep the digital world running. LINBIT accelerates businesses’ high availability and software-defined storage needs by transforming common standard hardware into lightning-fast, reliable block storage.

Kubernetes on AWS

Webinar • November 8, 2022

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LINBIT SDS Named a Fast Mover in 2022 GigaOM Radar

This report focuses on persistent enterprise storage solutions for Kubernetes. These enterprise storage solutions support Kubernetes workloads in addition to bare metal and virtualized environments. LINBIT has been named a Fast Mover for three consecutive years.
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