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LINBIT® speeds up high availability at a large scale. LINBIT’s OSS, based on DRBD® and LINSTOR®, can be used for Kubernetes, CloudStack, OpenNebula, and more.

Speed Up Your Storage

LINBIT’s mission is to keep the digital world running. LINBIT accelerates businesses’ high availability and software-defined storage needs by transforming common standard hardware into lightning-fast, reliable block storage.




No Special Hardware Required: Thanks to the OS kernel-based data replication software LINBIT’s solutions do not require SANs, shared storage, special fencing devices, or any other type of special enterprise hardware. All LINBIT solutions work with COTS – commodity off the shelf (hardware) – or with plain VMs on a public or private cloud.


In modern computer clusters


LINBIT SDS solves this problem

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We believe in earning the trust of our customers through open source freedom. We offer flexibility without vendor lock-in and let our high-performing software speak for itself, with our customers free to use it as they choose. As a company that values community, we listen to our users and seek to earn their trust by developing our software transparently and collaboratively. This is true for individual users and large-scale companies that implement our solutions on a global level.
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