What is DR and why is it important?

The phones start beeping with alerts, warnings take over every radio and television station, panic starts to ensue – is your company’s data replicated anywhere else? Or will the wildfire that is almost there wipe away everything?

What is Disaster Recovery?

A disaster recovery plan is a strategy a business has in place that involves tools, policies, and procedures that ensure mission critical infrastructure and systems continue following either a natural or human-induced disaster. It typically includes identifying critical systems and networks, prioritizing the Recovery Time Objective (the duration of time in which a business process must be restored after a disaster), and outlining the steps needed to restart, reconfigure and recover systems and networks.

Disaster recovery plans ensure that an organization can quickly resume operation after an unexpected event. They are well documented and are reviewed regularly to ensure everything is up to date and always ready to act. 

A DR plan will typically apply to departments relying on IT infrastructure, as opposed to a Business Continuity plan which typically involves keeping all essential aspects of a business functioning, regardless of any sort of disruptive event.  

Why is it important?

If a severe disaster occurs, without a disaster recovery plan in place, the vendor cannot guarantee that it will be able to fix their affected sites on time. Without proper human resources or equipment replacements, the damage done to the infrastructure could shut down a company for weeks or even months. 

According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. This equates to $140,000 per hour at the low end, and $540,000 per hour at the high end. 

Companies that invest in a disaster recovery plan are able to get their normal operations up and running much more quickly and efficiently. This ensures the least amount of business disruption, saving them thousands of dollars in the end. 

How can LINBIT help?

LINBIT’s DR software offers a complete IT business continuity solution that protects and restores data, servers, or entire data centers suffering from a natural or man-made disaster. 

Our products are not backup solutions, they are real time replication solutions. We still recommend a sound snapshot technology used alongside our products. 

LINBIT DR® will replicate your systems into an on-site HA pair and remote location data center. In case of an outage, we can recover and run your systems locally or in the remote location so you can continue providing IT services to your internal and external clients until you can safely fail back.

Whether for regulatory compliance or peace of mind, an off-site replica of your data is designed to protect your important information during unfortunate circumstances. As a crucial part of your business continuity plan, LINBIT is dedicated to keeping your applications up and running during even the most critical failures.

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