Piraeus Data-Store accepted into CNCF’s Sandbox 

LINBIT, DaoCloud and SPDB announce today that the Piraeus Data-Store project has been accepted into CNCF’s Sandbox.   

LINBIT, based in Europe and the US, is the company behind the open source projects DRBD® and LINSTOR®, and is involved in Pacemaker and Piraeus data-store.  

DaoCloud.io, operating out of Shanghai, is a leading cloud-native technology provider focused on guiding enterprises through digital transformations. DaoCloud has been deeply engaged in the manufacturing, retail, automotive, and finance industries, with benchmark customers including SAIC Group, SPDB, Dongfeng Motor, Haier Group, and McDonald‘s, among others.

The Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB) is a leading commercial bank that provides financial services and is recognized as one of the 50 largest financial institutions in the world. In recent years, SPDB has focused on developing financial technology and embracing open source. As the co-founder of the Piraeus Data-Store project, SPDB has provided best practices to promote the project, while participating in joint research and development. 

Piraeus DS is an open-source project that connects the established DRBD and LINSTOR technologies with Kubernetes. It makes persistent storage volumes available to container workloads by providing dynamic provisioning, resource management, and high availability. A key benefit of Piraeus DS is that it manages data accessibility and availability without the need to integrate a complex storage API, which makes it extremely easy to operate for the final user.  

“We are excited to see the Piraeus open-source project tackle the management of persistent volumes of data,” says Tom Prohofsky, senior staff engineer from the Office of the CTO at the global data storage solutions leader, Seagate Technology. “Now our Seagate systems’ users can extend the local data resiliency and performance features of the Seagate Exos-X storage arrays with orchestrated geographical replication for a complete cloud native solution ready for any edge deployment.” 

Manfred Berger, Sr. Business Development Manager at Western Digital, comments, “The value that open source projects like Piraeus DS and LINSTOR bring to storage technology providers is easy access to the quickly growing enterprise Kubernetes user base, who in turn benefit from the tried and tested integration of OpenFlex with LINSTOR.”

“Working with preeminent worldwide companies like SPD and LINBIT on the Piraeus project is an incredible step toward increasing the reach and exposure of open source contributions around the world,” said Roby Chen, CEO, DaoCloud. 

“We are honored to cooperate with DaoCloud and LINBIT, two well-known multinational companies, to jointly develop open source products. The results achieved are exciting and inspiring,” said Haining Chen, general manager of the Information Technology Department of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. 

The CNCF Sandbox is the entry point for early-stage projects. It’s the level of maturity for the CNCF standards that corresponds to the Innovators section in the Crossing the Chasm model. It provides projects like Piraeus with additional publicity, integration with current projects, nurturing, and the removal of any legal or regulatory restrictions. 

LINBIT provides a commercial package, LINBIT SDS®, that contains enterprise-class support and pre-packaging of Piraeus DS, LINSTOR, DRBD for RHEL, SLES, and Ubuntu LTS, as well as OpenShift, Rancher Linux, and Kubernetes distributions. 

DRBD offers host-based replication as a driver in the Linux kernel and forms the cornerstone of the solution’s excellent fit for hyper-converged deployments (HCI). 

LINSTOR is an orchestration software for building feature-rich and efficient storage volumes out of the well-established storage building blocks on Linux (LVM, ZFS, VDO, Luks, DRBD, etc,) with directly attached storage devices. For shared storage, it supports the Seagate Exos® product line and WD’s OpenFlex products.

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Piraeus is a CNCF sandbox project

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