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LINBIT Wins European Grant to Address Cloud-Scale Data Protection

Erasure Coding in Open Source DRBD Software Brings Performance and Scalability to Highly Available Software Defined Storage.

LINBIT, the de facto standard in open source Software Defined Storage (SDS), High Availability (HA), and Disaster Recovery (DR) and the force behind the DRBD software, today announced that it has received a development grant from the Eurostars Programme to accelerate the development of “Erasure Coding” capability into LINBIT products.

Erasure coding is a methodology for data protection that is gaining momentum because it is more scalable than RAID, the most commonly used model to achieve HA for data. The grant is in recognition of the intense interest in erasure coding in the HA community and LINBIT’s record of excellence. With almost 1.7 million downloads, LINBIT leads the market in HA, DR, and SDS, delivering industry-leading speed, reliability and economics.

LINBIT SDS is one of the first off-the-shelf solutions for structured data with erasure coding for multi-node cloud deployments based on OpenStack, Kubernetes, OpenNebula and DC/OS/Apache Mesos.

A leading provider for HR software solutions, “HR4YOU chose LINBIT SDS to ensure scalability without sacrificing performance,” said Helmuth Gronewold, Vice President of HR4YOU. “There is no other vendor who offers such a feature-rich solution.”

The LINBIT DRBD software has been part of the Linux kernel since 2009. LINBIT’s customer base includes household names such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ING Group, Vodafone, Porsche, The Max Planck Institute, Ericsson, T-Mobile, NTT and the National Library of Medicine.

Philipp Reisner, CEO of LINBIT said, “LINBIT has always led the market with fast and reliable data protection solutions. We are excited to bring this innovation into our development portfolio. The Eurostars Programme grant has been instrumental in accelerating the productization of advanced R&D projects.”

About LINBIT (
LINBIT is the force behind DRBD and the de facto open standard for High Availability (HA) software for enterprise and cloud computing. The LINBIT DRBD software is deployed in millions of mission-critical environments worldwide to provide High Availability (HA), Geo Clustering for Disaster Recovery (DR), and Software Defined Storage (SDS) for OpenStack based clouds. Visit us at,, or LINBIT is Keeping the Digital World Running.

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