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LINBIT takes over Heartbeat Maintenance

LINBIT® takes over Heartbeat Code Maintenance

High Availability clusters are becoming a standard rather than an exception in the daily operations of IT professionals worldwide. An essential component to any HA cluster is the cluster manager. This software runs on all nodes in the cluster and is responsible for monitoring services and applications to ensure they keep running (even in the face of disaster).

For years, Heartbeat has been the defacto solution for cluster management on the Linux platform. Under Novell’s lead, Heartbeat 2’s cluster resource manager was enhanced to be the current incarnation: Pacemaker. Pacemaker can use existing modules of Heartbeat or Corosync (for the cluster communications layer). Many organizations have implementations based on Heartbeat and have desired a simple upgrade path. Thus, LINBIT agreed to oversee the ongoing development and maintenance of the formerly orphaned Heartbeat 2 (and its related modules) to ensure bug fixes and updates are available.

With this support, LINBIT provides the seamless upgrade path for those customers wanting a reliable Heartbeat-based system. Heartbeat 3.0.2, released at the beginning of February 2010, was the first official Heartbeat release in over two years, thus ending the long development break.

Lars Ellenberg, Chief Developer, LINBIT is happy to see his team save many administrators the time and headache of switching to alternative products. “In everyday business, Heartbeat has proven to be stable although the code is a little dated. Many features like redundant communication paths between single cluster nodes are still missing in other products. Furthermore, updating from Heartbeat 2 to a Pacemaker/Heartbeat 3 combination is far more streamlined than the alternatives. For customers that want reliability, I recommend Heartbeat; for customers that want world-class service and support, I recommend LINBIT.”

Philipp Reisner, CTO, LINBIT notes that LINBIT continues to boost its dedication to open source and High Availability by adopting Heartbeat: “Apart from DRBD, LINBIT now also maintains another important component of the Linux-HA stack. In the past, LINBIT has repeatedly contributed to other parts of Linux-HA including Pacemaker. One can say that if you’re relying on Linux-HA, you’re also relying upon LINBIT. If you want to achieve High Availability in Linux, it’s impossible without LINBIT!”

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