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FINALLY! Open Source Deduplication for Linux!

We’ve been working with our partner, Permabit, for a couple of years now. Permabit is the author of VDO, a block level deduplication software for Linux. Pair this deduplication software (which also has optional compression) with our DRBD software, and you get extremely efficient, low overhead, data replication.

The problem is Permabit built a solution that isn’t Open Source. Due to proprietary licensing, many users were instead deciding to install the ZFS filesystem on top of RHEL. This was the “free” way to gain Unix feature-sets on the Linux platform. We understand that ZFS has its benefits, but from the block level, installations can get sticky since it isn’t “just” a filesystem; it’s also a volume manager (zpool). ZFS likes to control the whole stack, which doesn’t play well with our DRBD replication software in some use-cases.

This is why we were ecstatic when Red Hat just announced that LINBIT partner, Permabit, was acquired by Red Hat. Red Hat hasn’t announced news of Open Sourcing the VDO solution yet, but they do have a very strong track record (100%) of doing so for products that they purchase.

“We are so excited to see that Linux will soon have a native deduplication and compression option,” said LINBIT CEO, Philipp Reisner. “We know that users who want seamless data-replication, deduplication, and compression, now need to look no further than their Operating System.”

As a strong Red Hat partner, we look forward to continuing to make the Linux platform the best it can possibly be. LINBIT recently announced Geo Clustering with automatic Oracle Dyn DNS failover and ActiveMQ High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Open Source VDO is one more tool which will help LINBIT build better availability solutions for our end clients.

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