LINBIT SDS is now on Xinnor xiRAID

LINBIT SDS and xiRAID have proven to work exceptionally well together, and with LINBIT SDS now on Xinnor xiRAID, I wanted to cover the subject

LINBIT Content & Software Updates

These days, I have been staying busy preparing for my presentation at STAC Research in London on May 4th. On the same day, Rene will speak at

Open Source Workload Orchestrators

LINBIT® SDS is available for Kubernetes (and OpenShift), Apache CloudStack, Open Stack, OpenNebula, XCP-ng, and Proxmox. When I think of a name for these, I

DRBD Quorum Implementation Updates

The Origins With version 9, we introduced the capability of building clusters larger than two nodes to DRBD®. That gave us the means to implement