Automated testing at LINBIT with Virter

Test with Virter illustration

My previous blog post described Virter, a tool for running virtual machines (VMs). This post will show how we use that to test our software at LINBIT. Here we focus on our end-to-end tests. In tandem with Virter, we have another tool called vmshed. Think of it as a shed where VMs are kept. Or […]

Virter – cloud image virtual machines on your workstation

cloud image Virtual Machines on your workstation

Virtual machines on your workstation At LINBIT we like tools that are simple, convenient, and integrated. Managing virtual machines (VMs) for development and automated testing was a messy, complicated task. We did not have an appropriate tool for the job. So we created one. Virter is a tool that allows you to conveniently work with […]

Optimizing DRBD for Persistent Memory

Persistent Memory (PMEM) is an exciting storage tier with much lower latency than SSDs. LINBIT has optimized DRBD for when its metadata is stored on PMEM/NVDIMM. This article relates to both: Traditional NVDIMM-N: Some DRAM is accompanied by NAND-flash. On power failure, a backup power source (supercap, battery) is used to save the contents of […]

Performance Gains with DRBD 10

A key factor in evaluating storage systems is their performance. LINBIT has been working to further improve the performance of DRBD. The recent DRBD 10 alpha release demonstrates significant gains. The performance gains particularly help with highly concurrent workloads. This is an area that has been steadily rising in importance, and looks set to continue […]