New Version of LINBIT VSAN

I recently returned from the STAC Summit, where I presented ‘Fast Data Replication with DRBD over RDMA/RoCE/IB/verbs’ as part of the ‘Innovation Roundup.’ The challenge at

Filling the Gap: LINBIT SDS in Amazon EKS

Reader Bootstrapping Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) might be one of the quickest routes an organization can take to run a highly available, fault-tolerant, and

Load Balanced Replication with DRBD

Along with the ability to encrypt replication traffic, DRBD® version 9.2.6 gives you the ability to load balance replication traffic across multiple TCP sockets1. You can

Upcoming Events & Software Updates

In the coming month, there are two events that our team will be attending. The first event is STAC (Strategic Technology Analysis Center). STAC’s research