Multi Availability Zone Block-Level Replication using DRBD

Reader Bootstrapping Amazon Web Services (AWS) is designed from the ground up with availability in mind. The geographical locations of their Availability Zones (AZs) are carefully selected to mitigate the risk of natural disasters that could impact their services. Even the most unexpected natural disaster is unlikely to affect all of a region’s AZs. However, […]

LINSTOR – Controlling Data Replication with Snapshot Shipping

Snapshot Shipping

Whatever the situation, LINSTOR covers your back. LINSTOR is an SDS technology with snapshot shipping integrated into the code, capable of real-time replication using DRBD. However, real-time replication may not always be the method we want to use. When you replicate data in real-time, you want your connection to have very low latency and high […]

DRBD Reactor – Design & Features

DRBD Reactor

Over time, LINBIT® has built a variety of software components for use in highly-available systems. These components range from DRBD® for block device replication to LINSTOR®, our SDS solution, to various plugins/scripts integrating DRBD into Pacemaker, OpenStack, OpenNebula, Proxmox, Kubernetes, and more. However, a missing component was a daemon that monitors DRBD events like a resource becoming […]