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The LINBIT DRBD Basic training is designed to give Linux IT administrators the basics of High Availability and Software Defined Storage setups using DRBD The requirements include the ability to use Bash and familiarity with the command line.

Time to complete each course: 12-16 Hours. ~8 hours of actual content not including exercises.

The LINBIT DRBD Basic Trainees are able to:

1. Understand the options and configuration of DRBD Block Devices

2. Troubleshoot routine problems and deal with maintenance scenarios

3. Deploy upstream DRBD 8.4 High Availability Clusters

4. Install and deploy DRBD 9.x High Availability Clusters

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The LINBIT Certified Engineer High-Availability training is designed to give Linux IT administrators the skills needed to create High Availability Services using DRBD and Pacemaker. The requirements include the ability to use Bash and familiarity with the command line and DRBD administration skills found in the LINBIT Certified DRBD Engineer course.

LINBIT Certified Engineers – High-Availability are able to:
1. Configure DRBD Disk Clusters
2.  Install and Configure Pacemaker using Corosync
3. Deploy Highly Available Services in a Pacemaker Cluster

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Certification (LCE Test Online) Included

The LINBIT Certified Engineer – Software Defined Storage training is designed to give Linux IT administrators the skills needed to create High Availability Block Devices using DRBD and Cloud Services such as OpenStack and OpenNebula. The HA Block-Devices can be attached to running instances using services such as Cinder in OpenStack The requirements include the ability to use Bash and familiarity with the command line and DRBD administration as outlined in the LINBIT Certified DRBD Engineer course.

LINBIT Certified Engineers – Software Defined Storage are able to:
1. Install OpenStack and OpenNebula
2. Configure the DRBD Volume provider
3. Deploy Highly Available Volumes in the Cloud

“The LINBIT Certified Engineer (LCE) Training strengthened my existing knowledge about DRBD and High Availability (HA). I apply this knowledge every day as a Linux System Engineer at Puzzle ITC.”

Jürg Gerber,
Linux System Engineer, Puzzle ITC GmbH