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LINBIT Partners with Thirdware to tackle Japanese Market

Japanese Linux pioneer Thirdware, Inc assumes DRBD® Certified Partner status

As a DRBD Certified Partner, Thirdware provides full support for DRBD and DRBD+ for the Japanese market. Thirdware has also provided a Japanese translation of the DRBD project’s community web site (, available at

Gerhard Sternath, LINBIT CEO/CFO commented, “we’ve known ThirdWare for quite a while and are very impressed with the Linux competency of President Motoharu Kubo’s team. This DRBD Certified Partner assures reliable and timely support for our high availability products DRBD and DRBD+ in Japan. What is extremely important for us is that we now have a partner capable of providing this support in the Japanese language, for Japanese-speaking customers.” As an additional benefit, Thirdware will provide full Japanese versions of all available DRBD documentation material.

LINBIT’s DRBD Certified Partners are exposed to constant training to maintain an excellent level of proficiency in replication and high availability solutions. In addition, DRBD Certified Partners are entitled to use the world-renowned and protected DRBD trademark as a powerful marketing tool. As DRBD+ resellers, they profit from attractive commissions. Thanks to 3rd level support being covered by LINBIT®, Certified Partners enjoy the comfort of being able to leave  technical issues to LINBIT and focus on their core business as consultants and service providers.

Thirdware has previously deployed DRBD in over 30 high availability cluster projects. “Our partnership agreement is the logical consequence of our highly successful relationship and means excellent support for our present and future Japanese customers,” comments Florian Haas, international partner relationship manager at LINBIT. Among existing customers within Japan are renowned enterprises and organizations such as Fujitsu Corp., Gifu Women’s University, LaboNetwork Inc., Nippon Electric Glass Co., Rating and Investment Information Inc., and World Business Center Co. Ltd.

Of particular importance in the earthquake-riddled East Asian nation is the issue of high availability combined with disaster recovery capability — while maintaining cost efficiency. DRBD+ is an ideal solution to this challenge: besides synchronous, local replication over low-latency, high-bandwidth LAN links, DRBD+ adds asynchronous long-distance replication. This allows three-way mirroring utilizing low-bandwidth connections. “Considering the growing importance of Linux in the Japan, we see great sales potential for DRBD+ in this market,” adds Sternath, who is expecting a healthy revenue boost for the current fiscal year.

About Thirdware Inc.

ThirdWare Inc., founded in February 1997, has been working on deploymentand support of Linux-based server systems. The company specializes inemail solutions and high availability. Its main products are “Z-Linux”,an original Linux system that can shorten recovery time dramaticallywhen hard drives are corrupt, “Mihalinux”, a remote monitoring andmaintenance support service, and “Z-Linux Mail Cluster”, a clusterserver for various email services using heartbeat and DRBD built on Z-Linux, and more.

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