Shared-Nothing High-Availability Cluster with DRBD

You have likely been hearing and reading about high-availability (HA) everywhere and all the time, which is perhaps fitting for its name. This post will briefly talk about how DRBD® perfectly fits into a shared-nothing high-availability cluster. The Shared-Nothing Architecture A shared-nothing architecture is normally based on two servers replicating data in real time with […]

Backing Up Your Kubernetes Deployments With Velero & LINSTOR

Authors: Joel Zhou and Michael Troutman Introduction With a Kubernetes cluster backed by LINSTOR® managed persistent storage, you have a high-availability solution for applications and services running within your cluster. To complement this setup, you will likely want to consider a backup solution for your deployments. This is important for a variety of reasons but mitigating […]



LINSTOR – an orchestrator for Linux block storage, used to be a command-line only tool. Not anymore! In 2021, we released LINSTOR Web UI, based on Vue.js framework. You can find a short introduction on LINBIT’s website and can still install it from the LINBIT official repository, see details in the LINSTOR guide. A brand […]

How To Use an Open Source SDS Solution for HashiCorp Nomad

linbit sds logo and nomad logo

Overview Nomad is a simple and flexible workload orchestrator which deploys and manages containers and non-containerized applications. It does so across on-prem and clouds at scale and supports Container Storage Interface (CSI). LINBIT SDS is an open-source software-defined storage solution and is certified as the only open-source Technology Partner Integration through CSI by HashiCorp so […]

Tutorial: Stacked Block Storage in LINBIT SDS (aka LINSTOR)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use LINBIT SDS to orchestrate DRBD, bcache and ZFS in a stacked block storage layer.   We have three satellite nodes in this demo cluster, all installed the latest CentOS 8.4, each node has 1 x NVMe drive and 3 x HDD drives.   Satellite01 […]

Tutorial: How to Integrate MinIO with LINSTOR to Distribute Data on Kubernetes

While LINBIT’s LINSTOR is on the way to becoming an industry standard as software defined block storage. MinIO stands out as the number one product in the object storage world. LINBIT has been working on an integration with MinIO for a long time and has infrastructures that can be used safely in business solutions. The […]