Using Velero & LINSTOR to Back Up & Restore a Kubernetes Deployment

This article will describe how you can use LINSTOR® and Velero to back up and restore a Kubernetes deployment, including persistent storage volume data, to and from a remote AWS S3 bucket. This post builds on a solution described in an earlier article, Backing Up Your Kubernetes Deployments With Velero & LINSTOR. You may want to […]

NuoDB in EKS with LINSTOR for Persistent Storage

In the summer of 2019 LINBIT® and NuoDB collaborated on some testing to see how well the two performed together in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The original blog can still be read here if you’re curious what was written. Spoiler: NuoDB and LINSTOR® performed very well together, with LINSTOR’s synchronous replication between zones adding negligible overhead to […]

Monitoring Clusters Using Prometheus & DRBD Reactor

In an older post I wrote about monitoring Linux HA Clusters using Prometheus and ClusterLab’s ha_cluster_exporter project. Using the ha_cluster_exporter is still a perfectly fine and recommendable method for monitoring Linux HA Clusters. However, LINBIT® has instrumented some of its own software to natively expose Prometheus metric endpoints. This blog post will highlight LINBIT software […]

Turning to Open Source is a Win For Every Organization

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This is a guest post by Cybernews. Original blog found at Every organization seeks for its data to be available in the most secure and convenient way possible. However, securing large amounts of information is often a tough task. Luckily, one of the solutions is software-defined storage or SDS. Even though the term “software-defined” has […]

WinDRBD + Proxy: Block-Based Replication for Windows Servers


We have recently released our WinDRBD® product, which we have been working on for a long time, to the open source world as version 1.0. WinDRBD takes DRBD® and allows you to do block-based replication on Windows servers. Since the initial 1.0 version release in 2022, we have received good feedback and we are learning […]

LINBIT: The Company You Haven’t Heard of Before But Touches Your Daily Life

All the technological cornerstones of our daily lives are equipped with products and software from various companies. The social media applications we use every day, the cars we might drive, to our smart products at home, in our pockets, ears, or on our wrists, are usually all offerings from big technology companies. We consume many […]