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About the event

The LINBIT CloudStack StorageDays is our way to share our knowledge with the open-source and storage community. We want to give you a thorough understanding of combining LINBIT’s software-defined storage solution with Apache CloudStack.

With LINBIT SDS as the only underlying Open Source storage solution to Apache CloudStack you get an easily deployed container-native SDS solution, delivering simultaneously unprecedented speed and reliability.


Watch now our Recordings from 28-29 of September 2021

Content: Philipp will start the event with giving a presentation and technical live demo focusing on DRBD and its usage for Apache CloudStack.

Speaker: Philipp Reisner – LINBIT CEO

Length: 30-40min

Content: In the 2nd webinar Rene will introduce you to LINSTOR and its usage for Apache CloudStack . giving a technical live demo, Phil will give a brief presentation.

Speakers: Rene Peinthor – LINSTOR Developer;  Philipp Reisner – LINBIT CEO

Length: 30-40min

Content: Dive into the technical and commercial aspects of our flexible LINBIT SDS platform with its native integration to the Apache CloudStack cloud.

Speakers: Rene Peinthor – LINSTOR Developer;  Yusuf Yildiz – Solution Architect; Andrija Panić – Cloud Architect (ShapeBlue)

Length: 30-40min

Content: Explore together with Giles the latest CloudStack version – packed with new features and capabilities to transform the cloud and edge computing space.

Speaker: Giles Sirett – ShapeBlue CEO

Length: 30-40min

Content: Want to increase your Storage Performance to the max? Learn how LINBIT SDS together with Intel Optane achieved the IOPS WR for 14.8m and how to implement this into your personal storage use case.

Speakers: Yusuf Yildiz – Solution Architect; Alejandro Pacheco – Technical Solutions Specialist

Length: 30-40min

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