What are the advantages of software-defined storage?

advantages of software-defined storage

LINBIT has been in the software-defined storage industry for over 20 years, since its inception in 2001. It all started with an idea from our CEO, Phillip Reisner. He believed that the way to create reliable, redundant, and lightning-fast storage was not through adding more expensive hardware but introducing software that could transform any containerized, […]

Who Needs High Availability: Industries & Use Cases

Who Needs High Availability

When considering ‘Who needs high availability?’ ask the following question: is downtime unacceptable to your business? Do you work for an Enterprise company? Is access to your services & data around the clock important, if not required? Then likely, your business can benefit from a Highly Available (HA) IT system. Customers of all industries need […]

What is RDMA, and why should we care?

What is RDMA

The TCP transport is a streaming protocol, and for nearly all Linux setups, means that the Linux Kernel takes care to deliver the messages in order and without losing any data. [While specialized hardware is available and helps by calculating the TCP checksum, we have seen that these can cause more problems than they solve.] […]