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Nagios Enterprise and LINBIT Release High Availability Solution for Nagios XI

Nagios Enterprises – LINBIT Joint HA Tech Guide

LINBIT and Nagios Enterprises are excited to announce a proven High Availability (HA) solution for Nagios XI.

Nagios Enterprises and LINBIT are excited to announce their joint release of a proven High Availability (HA) solution for Nagios XI. LINBIT and Nagios collaborated on a technical paper outlining best practices to achieve HA for your existing Nagios XI implementation. LINBIT will offer renowned Linux HA service, support and installation for Nagios XI clusters.

Why do Nagios and LINBIT jive together so well? Nagios XI is the industry standard for infrastructure monitoring and intelligence gathering. Nagios is installed and used by millions worldwide. LINBIT creates and supports the industry standard for High Availability and Live Disaster Recovery: DRBD and DRBD Proxy. Setting up a High Availability Nagios XI installation with the Linux HA cluster stack, including LINBIT’s DRBD, will create a resilient monitoring cluster that offers peace of mind to users.

“Working with LINBIT to create an HA Nagios XI tech guide using DRBD has been a terrific experience and we are happy to offer LINBIT’s service and support to Nagios XI users looking for a real-time replicated solution to meet their demanding requirements,” said Nagios Enterprises Chief Technology Officer Scott Wilkerson. “While there are many cluster and HA options, LINBIT’s DRBD is certainly among the best.”

The HA Nagios XI Cluster on Centos 6.5 tech guide is the perfect way to create an HA cluster over a local LAN connection. For use over the WAN, LINBIT’s DRBD Proxy may be recommended for your environment.

“LINBIT is excited to announce a High Availability tech guide tailored specifically for Nagios XI, said Jeremy Rust of LINBIT. “By combining the powerful monitoring tool with LINBIT’s enterprise grade HA offering, this is a complete solution that any business can utilize, matched with 24/7 support SLA’s.”

This partnered release complements Nagios’ recent release of Nagios XI 5, the newest version of the popular Nagios XI product. The new release offers numerous user experience updates and benefits, including (but not
limited to): smarter wizards, time-saving technology, an easier user experience, helpful onboarding tutorials, upgraded LDAP and AD components, and more.

For more information on Nagios XI 5, visit

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