LINBIT and ShapeBlue Presenting Storage Days

On September 28th and 29th, LINBIT and ShapeBlue are teaming up to bring you a  two day webinar event exploring the benefits of using a combination of open-source software-defined storage and open-source cloud orchestration for building IaaS.During the event, you will get the chance to learn more about integrating LINSTOR (configuration management system for storage on Linux systems) into your Apache CloudStack deployment. Engineers, cloud architects and storage experts from both ShapeBlue and LINBIT will present insights on how to build a fast and reliable cloud, while ensuring agility and simplicity. 

Event Agenda

Day one will consist of four webinars:

  • DRBD overview and demo
  • LINSTOR overview and demo
  • Integration of LINBIT SDS into Apache CloudStack
  • How LINBIT achieved the IOPS world record by teaming up with Intel

Day two will have three webinars:

  • CloudStack Intro
  • CloudStack integration and use-case
  • Developers Q&A: Ask LINBIT and ShapeBlue developers your questions regarding LINSTOR and Apache CloudStack



LINBIT SDS (LINSTOR) is a software-defined storage solution for Linux that delivers highly-available, replicated block-storage volumes with exceptional performance. By leveraging existing open-source technologies, LINBIT SDS integrates seamlessly into almost any environment, including CloudStack.

About CloudStack

CloudStack is open-source cloud computing software that creates, manages and deploys infrastructure cloud services. It uses existing hypervisor platforms for virtualization, such as KVM and VMware vSphere, and includes ESXi,vCenter and XenServer/XCP. ShapeBlue is the largest independent integrator of CloudStack technologies globally. They are specialists in the design and implementation of IaaS cloud infrastructures for both private and public cloud implementations. Some of their services include IaaS Cloud Design, Software Engineering, CloudStack Consulting and training.

LINBIT’s Integration with CloudStack

Combining Apache Cloudstack with LINBIT SDS creates a perfect environment for Cloud Providers, Hosting Companies, Finance Industries, ISP’s and many more. LINBIT SDS provides organizations the performance, simplicity and flexibility they need from storage infrastructures. With integration to the Apache CloudStack, LINBIT SDS solves many issues such as scalability, data protection, and complexity.

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