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5 reasons why you should join the LINBIT Slack channel

LINBIT has an excellent Slack community that can benefit you in many ways. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should join our community.


1. You learn as you go

Receiving support from other users in LINBIT Slack


By merely adding the channel to your Slack app, you are making a conscious effort to expand your knowledge. Just check on it from time to time, and it will prove to be a useful reference point. With the same manner in which you receive help from others, you can review the most common issues experienced by other users of DRBD, LINSTOR, and LINBIT VSAN – and by doing so, learn and improve upon your work.

Most of our Slack users usually start first by downloading one of our tech or user guides and then join the channel to improve their practical understanding. Learning is a lifelong process, so don’t limit yourself and join our Slack channel. It could also prove to be your path to eventually becoming LINBIT certified.


2. Get in contact with our developers and engineers

We are proud of our developers and engineers at LINBIT. They make up the core of our company and are all experts in their respective fields of Kubernetes, open-source, and persistent storage. The Slack community is your opportunity to approach them, ask questions, and discuss your ideas and take on any LINBIT products.  


3. Comfortable, fast, and reliable support


If you have a technical problem, don’t hesitate to join the LINBIT community slack channel. By sharing your issue, you may find that your problem with LINSTOR volumes is nothing more than a firewall issue, long before you spend hours researching on the internet or consulting IT specialists. 

You can ask anything, anytime, guilt-free – there is always someone on the other side to help you out. Ultimately, this is why we call it a community and why you should become part of it today.

And if you’re a storage expert or you have years of experience with DRBD,  high availability, or persistent storage solutions – this is your chance to help someone and receive their gratitude.

However, know that occasional advice from other users does not replace serious and dedicated tech support. If your problem is severe and goes beyond your capabilities, you should consider 24/7/356 dedicated support, which is what you get with our plus and enterprise subscriptions.


4. Stay up to date with LINBIT.

As open-sourcers ourselves, we value our community’s time and tech interests. Only seldomly will we use the channel to provide information about major LINBIT events like our webinar series LINSTOR Days. We think of the LINBIT Slack channel as our core community. We want to make sure to keep you up to date on what is happening with our software developments for DRBD, LINSTOR, and LINBIT VSAN while not overstepping our bounds. 


5. Networking

An image of two girls wearing LINBIT logo with Kubernetes

It’s not all about what you know; it’s also about who you know, even more so during times of economic uncertainty. Presently, software-defined storage and hyper-convergence are some of the fastest-growing markets.

The LINBIT community provides you with the opportunity to reach out and establish connections with professionals and experts from all walks of life. It doesn’t have to be networking for networking’s sake, either. 

If storage and IT are your passions, you will enjoy finding like-minded people in our Slack community. If you are working towards advancing your career, why not enjoy doing so in the process? Join the LINBIT Slack community today!




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