Who Needs High Availability: Industries & Use Cases

Who Needs High Availability

When considering ‘Who needs high availability?’ ask the following question: is downtime unacceptable to your business? Do you work for an Enterprise company? Is access to your services & data around the clock important, if not required? Then likely, your business can benefit from a Highly Available (HA) IT system. Customers of all industries need […]

LINBIT USA Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

LINBIT USA 10 year anniversary

LINBIT® USA is celebrating our 10-year anniversary – a decade of service and growth. 10 years ago, we started our journey with you from a newly established office in the pacific northwest. In that time, we have moved into new offices, grown our team 4 times in size, built some really great software, and most […]

Educational Organizations Choose LINBIT For High Availability & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Educational Organizations Choose LINBIT

Educational Organizations Choose LINBIT® because our software suite enables the implementation of always-on systems for enrollment, online testing, registration, and other critical services. In addition to excellent performance, our software is affordable for educational organizations. The digitization of critical processes, from managing student records to assignments and tests, is crucial across the education industry. This […]

Why Must Higher Education Be Highly Available?

Higher Education Highly Available

People understand the importance of hospital systems needing to be highly available, but higher education also needs to be. Hospitals are easy to explain since people’s LIVES depend on accessible medical equipment and information. Likewise, people understand the importance of banks needing High Availability (HA) – they expect access to their MONEY on-demand and want […]

LINBIT Strengthens Global Presence Through Agreement with eCloudTech in China

LINBIT and eCloudTech

LINBIT® has partnered with eCloudTech to offer our open-source software solutions in High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), and Software-Defined Storage (SDS) to the Chinese market. Together, we will deliver the full suite of LINBIT products to the Chinese market. LINBIT has hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide. Our products represent the de-facto standard in […]

The True Cost of Data Loss

data loss

When you hear the term ‘Data Loss,’ what does it make you think? Something frightening or just an inconvenience? What if you lost your customer database, your employee healthcare information, or your organization’s website transactions? Perhaps that reveals how problematic it can be. In today’s information-based world, data is one of the most important assets in a […]