The Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

LINBIT VSAN and two servers

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a computer systems architecture that abstracts the compute, storage, and networking components of the architecture by using their software-defined functional equivalents

DRBD 9.2 Updates

The eight-week cadence brings the new DRBD releases 9.1.15 and 9.2.2. The two releases contain roughly the same bug fixes. What these bug fixes have in

An Introduction to LINBIT SDS Management

As part of ongoing efforts to make LINBIT® software-defined storage (SDS) solutions better understood and more widely used, the LINSTOR® Users Guide has undergone a major change.

LINBIT SDS is now on Xinnor xiRAID

LINBIT SDS and xiRAID have proven to work exceptionally well together, and with LINBIT SDS now on Xinnor xiRAID, I wanted to cover the subject