Using Fencing in Pacemaker Clusters on VirtualBox Hypervisors

This post will describe how you can configure the fence_vbox fence agent in high-availability (HA) Pacemaker development clusters running on VirtualBox for Linux. Fencing is an important concept in HA clustering, so using fencing in development as you would in production is a practice that can help align the development experience with that of a user running […]

Interview with Philipp Reisner, CEO & Founder, LINBIT

LINBIT®, a reference in Linux HA and data replication, recently participated in the IT Press Tour in Lisbon, Portugal, and it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about the standard in protection for production data. The French Storage Podcast made this interview with Philipp Reisner, CEO and founder, a story he started more than 20 years ago […]

Highly Available NFS Exports with DRBD & Pacemaker

Highly available NFS

Updated January 2023 based on user submitted suggestions and a recent LINBIT technical review. Creating Highly Available NFS Targets with DRBD and Pacemaker This blog post explains how to configure a highly available (HA) active/passive NFS server on a three-node Linux cluster using DRBD® and Pacemaker. NFS is preferred for many use cases because it: […]

DRBD’s Hardware & Environment Requirements

Whether you are considering DRBD® as a data replication solution to achieve high-availability or disaster recovery in your deployments, or you are seasoned in its use already, there are some hardware and environment requirements that you should consider. Memory Requirements and Maximum Device Size DRBD can replicate block devices in real-time or asynchronously, depending on […]

LINBIT Pushes DRBD-Based Software as SAN Replacement

Savvy Linux users can provide SAN services to physical, virtual and containerized applications without buying a SAN product, by using LINBIT® open-source software based on DRBD®, which is included in the Linux distribution. LINBIT provides support for DRBD in a similar way to how Red Hat supports its Linux distro and has four downloadable products on […]