Data Replication for Linux

It is not widely known, but Linux has many memory features in the operating system that are powerful out of the box. The Viennese start-up LINBIT® has now bundled these into a complete storage package with data replication and high availability. LINBIT accelerates enterprise needs for high availability and software-defined storage by transforming common commodity […]

‘Seeking New Partners’, Say Data Management Vendors

The IT Press Tour in Lisbon took place last week, to offer data management and storage vendors a shop window for their emerging business and channel strategies. IT Europa attended the event and has separately and already reported on those strategies from three different vendors. Here’s a round-up of three other vendor participants at the […]

LINBIT, The Reference in Linux Data Protection

LINBIT®, the reference in Linux data protection, joined the recent 47th IT Press Tour organized in Lisbon, Portugal. It was the opportunity to get an update about DRBD®, the famous Distributed Replicated Block Device engine, directly from the CEO and founder of LINBIT, Philipp Reisner, who started this project during his studies more than 20 years ago. Since then, the […]

Upgrading DRBD Has Never Been Easier

As DRBD® development continues to move forward with the new and exciting 9.2.0 release, it has never been easier to upgrade to the latest version of DRBD. DRBD’s wire-protocol compatibility has recently expanded, enabling replication between DRBD 8.4 and the latest versions of DRBD 9. Upgrading From DRBD 9 Upgrading from DRBD 9 to a newer version of […]


LINBIT® recently posted a free AMI in the AWS Marketplace based on the latest Ubuntu LTS release and preconfigured with LINBIT’s Ubuntu Personal Package Archive (PPA) and with LINBIT’s packages preinstalled. You will receive the latest Ubuntu LTS with the following LINBIT software preinstalled: DRBD enables AWS users to replicate block storage (EBS volumes) across […]

Making Primary Storage in CloudStack Highly Available by Using LINSTOR

Members of the LINBIT® team just returned from the CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria. CEO Philipp Reisner and solutions architect Yusuf Yildiz both gave presentations about integrating LINSTOR® with CloudStack. The Benefits of Using LINSTOR in CloudStack By using LINSTOR, you can have highly available CloudStack primary storage for your virtual machine (VM) […]