WAN Replication with DRBD Proxy & Booth Geo-Clustering

Pacemaker was never designed to operate across a WAN, or any high latency networks. However, there has always been a need and want to orchestrate active/passive failovers between data centers and across long distances. To address this issue the Booth Service add-on for Pacemaker was conceived back in late 2011. LINBIT® has been involved in […]

DRBD Read-Balancing

DRBD’s read-balancing feature has been available since version 8.4.1. This feature enables DRBD® to balance read requests between the Primary and Secondary nodes. You configure read-balancing in the “disk” section of the configuration file(s). On the read intensive workloads, balancing read I/O operations between nodes can give you significant improvements. If your network gear allows, […]

Best Practices for Kubernetes Storage Performance with LINSTOR

LINSTOR® is the LINBIT® SDS solution for managing Linux block storage. If you’ve used LINSTOR, you know how many knobs can be turned when configuring it. If you’ve followed along with one of our quickstart blogs or a README in one of LINBIT’s GitHub repositories, you’ve probably set up a LINSTOR cluster without much consideration […]

Backing Up Your Kubernetes Deployments With Velero & LINSTOR

Authors: Joel Zhou and Michael Troutman Introduction With a Kubernetes cluster backed by LINSTOR® managed persistent storage, you have a high-availability solution for applications and services running within your cluster. To complement this setup, you will likely want to consider a backup solution for your deployments. This is important for a variety of reasons but mitigating […]