DRBD Reactor – Recovering an Isolated DRBD Primary

Recovering an Isolated DRBD Primary

This blog post will show how DRBD’s recently added support for secondary –force can be of great use when combined with DRBD Reactor. In short, secondary-force reconfigures the DRBD device so that the suspended I/O requests and newly submitted I/O requests will terminate with I/O errors. Motivation  Imagine a three-node setup where your current active node […]

Kubernetes CSI Plugin for LINSTOR

It’s been over three years since LINBIT® released the Kubernetes CSI plugin for LINSTOR. While much has changed in how LINSTOR® is typically deployed into Kubernetes clusters — I’m referring to the LINSTOR Operator for Kubernetes — the CSI plugin is still the bridge between Kubernetes and LINSTOR’s replicated block storage. While LINBIT encourages its […]