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Editing the Pacemaker configuration with VIM

For people using the VIM editor I’ve got two small tips when editing Pacemaker configurations:

Use syntax highlight. This helps to see unmatched quote characters easily. Whether it’s too colorful can be discussed, though 😉
A current version can be found here, and the mailing list post is here.

For correlating resource names I recommend the Mark plugin. I’ve put an additional mapping in my ~/.vimrc:

 nnoremap  <F4>   :call mark#MarkCurrentWord()

With this I just put the cursor on a resource name and press F4 – all occurrences of this word are highlighted, so it’s very easy to see where the name is used[1. eg. groups, constraints, etc.]. If I mark other words they get different colors, and with F4 the highlightning can be turned off again, too.

I think that for people looking at more-than-minimal Pacemaker configurations this helps to quickly get (and keep!) an overview.

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