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LINBIT Releases DRBD 8.4

LINBIT announces DRBD 8.4, a brand new release of the industry’s leading storage replication solution for the Linux platform. DRBD 8.4 brings many exciting new features, such as multiple-volume replication support, on-line replication protocol changes, increased efficiency for modern hard drives, and much more.

All of these new features are being released as GPL-licensed open source software, to the benefit of our entire vast user base. For LINBIT Cluster Stack Support customers, this includes getting these brand new features, at no extra cost, as part of LINBIT Certified Binaries.

On top of our ground breaking DRBD 8.4 release, LINBIT continues to develop its full availability product line:

LINBIT DR for long distance replication and disaster recovery

  • DRBD Management Console for simple GUI based management of storage and virtualization clusters
  • LINBIT Certified Engineer online training

At the same time we are introducing, by overwhelming popular demand, per-node pricing. This simplifies our pricing structure and enables customers to scale LINBIT Cluster Stack Support Subscriptions with confidence.

Existing support subscriptions will automatically convert to the per-node model. For LINBIT Cluster Stack Infinity customers, there is obviously no change to the subscription.

Multi-node Gold and Platinum customers wishing to extend support under the previous (per-cluster) pricing scheme may do so, by extending existing support subscriptions for a minimum period of one year, on or before September 30, 2011.

Contact us to find out more about DRBD and our range of Support options and Professional Services!

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