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The innovative storage platform, that combines both flexibility and performance.

Vienna, July 20, LINBIT® , 

The company behind open source DRBD® data replication software and LINSTOR® software-defined storage (SDS), developed LINBIT VSAN. The new platform provides ease of installation for hyper convergence infrastructure (HCI), while offering data locality & replication for hypervisors.

By offering high-performance and regulatory value-added block storage software, LINBIT guides businesses with a strong infrastructure backed by VSAN to complete their digital journeys successfully.

LINBIT is among the fastest-growing storage companies in Europe for the last ten years and one of the world’s most successful tech companies. With the support of its subscription service model, LINBIT enables many companies to gain an economic advantage. LINBIT helps its customers to be more competitive by implementing innovative storage solutions and improving their digital journeys.

HCI is rapidly adopted by organizations of all sizes, across industries to support better business outcomes. Therefore LINBIT developers are dedicated to providing an HCI solution with three key features in mind;

  • High Performance
  • Solid Reliability
  • Simple infrastructure management

How to build it

This LINBIT VSAN SDS for VMware solution contains a broad range of open source technologies: CentOS8, DRBD®, LINSTOR®, Pacemaker, LINSTOR-iSCSI. Its focus is to make these sophisticated technologies available to a non-Linux affine audience. At the same time, we keep the openness of the open-source ecosystem. 

All of LINBIT’s components are packaged as RPM packages and integrated on top of CentOS8 as it is best to practice in the industry. The root account is available to the user.  It’s not a problem if the installation of an additional monitoring system is required.  Linbit VSAN is open for any kind of customisation. 

How it works

The solution needs at least three servers, but not all of them are necessary to be full-blown virtualization servers. It is sufficient if two of them come with storage devices for the datastore. All writes to the iSCSI target are mirrored to the first two servers. The third is needed to provide quorum in the system during the failure of one machine.

As you increase the number of hosts, you can increase the number of redundancies. LINBIT VSAN is capable of creating a resource of up to 32 different copies.

Philipp Reisner, LINBIT CEO

Last word from Philipp Reisner

“Those performance numbers mark a milestone in the development of open-source SDS platforms. The results [IOPS world record broken] prove we can speed up High Availability at a large scale without resorting to high-cost proprietary software stacks”, says CEO Philipp Reisner. 


LINBIT is the force behind DRBD and a leader in open-source Linux block storage software for enterprise and cloud computing. The LINBIT software has helped hundreds of global companies such as Volkswagen, Intel, Cisco, Siemens, and the BBC to provide High Availability (HA), Geo Clustering for Disaster Recovery (DR), and SDS for public and private clouds. With offices in Vienna and Portland, LINBIT partners with companies like Redhat, Intel, IBM, and DaoCloud to drive Linux storage software adoption.

For more information, visit linbit.com

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