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DRBDManage release 0.10


DRBDmanage has been replaced by LINSTOR!

To find out more about LINSTOR, check out the following blog articles:

  1. Cluster-wide management of replicated storage with LINSTOR
  2. The Technology inside LINSTOR (Part 1)
  3. The Technology inside LINSTOR (Part 2)
  4. How to setup LINSTOR on Proxmox VE

Thank you and have a good read!


As already announced in another blog post, we’re preparing a new tool to simplify DRBD administration. Now we’re publishing its first release! Prior to DRBD Manage, in order to deploy a DRBD resource you’d have to create a config file and copy it to all the necessary nodes.  As The Internet says “ain’t nobody got time for that”.  Using DRBD Manage, all you need to do is execute the following command:

drbdmanage new-volume vol0 4 --deploy 3

Here is what happens on the back-end:

  • It chooses three nodes from the available set[1. One storage “domain” that gets drbdmanaged can consist of up to 32 nodes; one node will be able to be member of multiple domains.];
  • drbdmanage creates a 4GiB LV on all these nodes;
  • generates DRBD configuration files;
  • writes the DRBD meta-data into the LV;
  • starts the initial sync, and
  • makes the volume on a node Primary so that it can be used right now.

This process takes only a few seconds.

Please note that there are some things to take into consideration:

  • drbdmanage is a lot to type; however, an alias dm=drbdmanage in your ~/.*shrc takes care of that 😉
  • Initial setup is a bit involved (see the README) [1. We’re hoping for contributions; eg. the list of nodes could be taken from an existing Pacemaker installation, the IP addresses for DRBD connections might be chosen automatically, etc.]
  • You’ll need at least DRBD 9.0.0-pre7.
  • Being that both DRBD Manage and DRBD9 are still under heavy development there are more than likely some undiscovered bugs.  Bug reports, ideas, wishes, or any other feedback, are welcome.

Anyway – head over to the DRBD-Manage homepage and fetch your source tarballs (a few packages are prepared, too), or a GIT checkout if you plan to keep up-to-date. For questions please use the drbd-user mailing list; patches, or other development-related topics are welcome on the drbd-dev mailing list.

What do you think? Drop us a note!

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