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DRBDmanage installation is now easier!

DRBDmanage has been replaced by LINSTOR !

To find out more about LINSTOR, check out the following blog articles:

  1. Cluster-wide management of replicated storage with LINSTOR
  2. The Technology inside LINSTOR (Part 1)
  3. The Technology inside LINSTOR (Part 2)
  4. How to setup LINSTOR on Proxmox VE

Thank you and have a good read!


In the last blog post about DRBDmanage we mentioned

Initial setup is a bit involved (see the README)

… with the new release, this is no longer true!

All that’s needed is now one command to initialize a new DRBDmanage control volume:


# drbdmanage init


You are going to initalize a new drbdmanage cluster.
CAUTION! Note that:
  * Any previous drbdmanage cluster information may be removed
  * Any remaining resources managed by a previous drbdmanage
    installation that still exist on this system will no longer
    be managed by drbdmanage



Acknowledging that question will (still) print a fair bit of data, ie. the output of the commands that are run in the background; if everything works, you’ll get a freshly initialized DRBDmanage control volume, with the current node already registered.

Well, a single node is boring … let’s add further nodes!


# drbdmanage new-node



Join command for node


  drbdmanage join

some arguments ….

Now you copy and paste the one command line on the new node:


# drbdmanage join

«arguments as above….»

You are going to join an existing drbdmanage cluster.
CAUTION! Note that:

Another yes and enter – and you’re done! Every further node is just one command on the existing cluster, which will give you the command line to use on the to-be-added node.

So, another major point is fixed … there are a few more things to be done, of course, but that was a big step (in the right direction) 😉

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