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DRBD9 Press Release

drbdA first in the industry, LINBIT delivers synchronous server storage replication with native RDMA support and OpenStack integration

LINBIT Launches Next-Generation High Availability Solution with DRBD9

PORTLAND, Ore. – June 16, 2015 LINBIT, the leading provider of Linux based storage replication and disaster recovery, has announced the general availability release of its DRBD9 software. Developed to provide end-users, OEMs and ISVs a powerful tool to build redundant, highly scalable and flexible storage architectures, LINBIT’s new DRBD9 is the first replication design capable of connecting 30 nodes in real time to ensure data availability from multiple locations – even when disaster strikes.

Designed as a building block for today’s most advanced storage architectures and High Availability systems, DRBD9’s mesh-like multi node replication extends the scope of current DRBD versions while eliminating duplication overhead and keeping data logging to a minimum. And since DRBD9 is Open Source Software, it is easily adapted to any infrastructure.

“LINBIT is doing important work with the Linux community to advance high availability advanced storage infrastructures,” said Mike Woster, COO, Linux Foundation. “We’re looking forward to the company’s ongoing contributions to the community and the resulting market success with products like what they’re releasing today.”

“LINBIT introduced DRBD9 because most software defined storage technologies are unable to address the need for high performance or low latency synchronous data replication, and Traditional SAN storage isn’t cost effective enough to keep up with today’s ever expanding data storage needs.” said Philipp Reisner, CEO and CTO of LINBIT. “IT continuity is critical, and no geographically diverse enterprise today can risk the expense of inflexible, proprietary systems or internal application downtime”.

Designed as a Linux based kernel module, LINBIT’s DRBD open source software enables high availability for virtually any application. Today thousands of companies worldwide use DRBD to ensure availability of their critical applications and services. The new DRBD9 solution expands the core functionality of DRBD, allowing for more than 30 storage nodes in a distributed network to remain in sync, delivering high availability on a new scale. Its flexible protocol architecture allows for offsite Disaster Recovery in addition to local high-speed replication.

New features and benefits of DRBD9 include:

  • Unmatched replication performance: RDMA is now integrated into DRBD9, enabling low latency storage replication. PCIe storage combined with Infiniband network cards yields a 100% replication increase over tradition IP-based networks, while simultaneously reducing CPU load by 50%.
  • Extreme availability: DRBD9 allows for interconnection of more than 30 geographically diverse distributed storage nodes across any network environment – enabling businesses of all sizes to afford cross-site availability, and not mere data back-ups.
  • Integrative management: The new DRBD Manage application allows the deployment of complex storage infrastructures within minutes. DRBD Manage exposes all necessary APIs to automte DRBD9’s features in complex infrastructures such OpenStack or Linux based alternatives to traditional SANs.

“We are committed to providing an easily-accessible solution that gives businesses peace of mind, even during outages and hardware failures.” added Reisner. “DRBD9 keeps locally and globally distributed storage systems synchronized at all times, ensuring applications and services can continue running even in the face of disaster.”

Product Availability

DRBD9 is available now and can be downloaded here. For more information visit the Resource Page here or contact us here

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LINBIT is the leading Linux based storage replication provider. They work with industry leaders from the storage and network sectors, designing next generation critical infrastructures. Major cloud solutions providers, data center operators, OEM and ISV integrators and commercial enterprises employ LINBIT’s open source software DRBD to ensure High Availability and Disaster Recovery replication. LINBIT is privately-held and headquartered in Vienna, Austria and Portland, OR. Visit us

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