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Brand New: Linbit Online Training

DRBD Training is one of LINBIT’s core businesses. A vast number System Engineers earn their LINBIT Certified Engineer status every year. They know how to build clusters based on open source components. They know tuning them and they know how to run them in a productive environment.

What’s the result?

That’s easy: less service downtime,more weekends and happier customers

Flying around the world is nice. To get trained from one of the pioneers in Linux clustering people fly to cities like Milan, Barcelona, Miami or Edinburgh.

But maybe you are not able to travel because travel expenses are killing your budget. Also taking 3 days off to focus on one thing and one thing only is often simply not possible. If you are from overseas you’d even lose a whole week.

That’s one of the reasons why we created an Online LCE Training permitting systems engineers to get the skills to deploy high availability Linux systems.

Watch the trailer below to see how it will look like:

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Get more!

Saving travel expenses isn’t the only benefit you are getting from Online Training.

Think about it, you’re sitting in a classroom training and at some point you just lose focus and concentration. That’s completely normal. You would need a break but the training doesn’t break when you need it.

With a video it is simple to stop and break whenever you want. Like a movie you will watch your favorite scenes over and over again and skip the parts you already know.

The LCE Online Training is perfect for you if you are chronically busy and not able to travel, you want to learn at your own rhythmand you want to attend LINBIT’s LCA Training.

What’s covered?

The Online Training covers the whole Linux cluster stack.

  • DRBD configuration and troubleshooting
  • DRBD Performance Tuning
  • DRBD Internals
  • Pacemaker and Heartbeat Configuration
  • Pacemaker Troubleshooting

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