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DRBDmanage has been replaced by LINSTOR !

To find out more about LINSTOR, check out the following blog articles:

  1. Cluster-wide management of replicated storage with LINSTOR
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  3. The Technology inside LINSTOR (Part 2)
  4. How to setup LINSTOR on Proxmox VE

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One of the projects that LINBIT will publish soon[1. With an Open Source license; GIT will be the preferred way to help us.] is drbdmanage, which allows easy cluster-wide storage administration with DRBD 9.

Every DRBD user knows the drill – create an LV, write a DRBD resource configuration file, create-md, up, initial sync, …

But that is no more.

The new way is this: drbdmanage new-volume r0 50 deploy 4, and here comes your quadruple replicated 50 gigabyte DRBD volume.

This is accomplished by a cluster-wide DRBD volume that holds some drbdmanage data, and a daemon on each node that receives DRBD events from the kernel.

Every time some configuration change is wanted,

  1. drbdmanage writes into the common volume,
  2. causing the other nodes to see the PrimarySecondary events,
  3. so that they know to reload the new configuration,
  4. and act upon it – creating or removing an LV, reconfiguring DRBD, etc.
  5. and, if required, cause an initial sync.

As DRBD 8.4.4 now supports DISCARD/TRIM, the initial sync (on SSDs or Thin LVM) is essentially free – a few seconds is all it takes. (See eg. mkfs.ext4 for a possible user).

Further usecases are various projects that can benefit by a “shared storage” layer – like oVirt, OpenStack, libVirt, etc.
Just imagine using a non-cluster-aware tool like virt-manager to create a new VM, and the storage gets automatically sync’ed across multiple nodes…

Interested? You’ll have to wait for a few weeks, but you can always drop us a line.

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