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DRBD for MySQL: One Year Down, Going Strong

LINBIT looks back on first year of cooperation with MySQL/Sun Microsystems

As the 2008 MySQL Conference & Expo has wrapped up, LINBIT looks back on an extremely successful first year of the cooperation that brought Four-Nines High Availability to MySQL Enterprise. Since the Database Group at Sun Microsystems – formerly MySQL, Inc. – integrated LINBIT’s open-source, shared-nothing, synchronous block replication technology DRBD® into MySQL, Sun customers world-wide have adopted the integrated offering in numbers surpassing all projections. This includes industries as diverse as printed media publishing, hotel reservation services, interactive online entertainment, and education, to name a few.

Philipp Reisner, co-CEO at LINBIT comments that “MySQL has boosted our visibility in the North American and other markets on an enormous scale.” He goes on to say, “Our cooperation, and the strong endorsement Sun is putting behind us, show that LINBITis a well-established  technology leader for open source high availability, serving customers and partners around the globe.”

Florian Haas, LINBIT’s partner relationship manager and the Sun Database Group’s “go-to guy” at LINBIT®, adds that “the MySQL support, professional services, and sales organizations continue to impress us with their professionalism, enthusiasm, and constant drive for excellence. This has been a fantastic year for us and we only expect it to get better now that after the Sun acquisition, our technology is backed by a 34,000-people technology giant.”

The conference, coinciding with LINBIT’s launch of a completely remade all-new website ( this year, brought together over 2,000 MySQL users, customers and partners from around the world and is held annually in the United States during the month of April.

DRBD, LINBIT’s key technology offering, is an open-source, shared-nothing, synchronous replication solution for the Linux platform. An application neutral technology licensed under the GPL, it adds High Availability capability not only to databases, but also to virtualization, file services, and much more. Its user base is expanding extremely rapidly, with both DRBD installations and web site visits currently growing by 20% per month.

MySQL, MySQL Enterprise, and Sun Microsystems are trademarks or registered trademarks of MySQL AB and/or Sun Microsystems.

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